A herd of zebras?

We all know the saying when you hear hoof beats think horses not zebras. 

Patients are all special individuals. Each member of the human family is of value. A gem with unique qualities. Now for the big BUT…  

  • your body temperature of 98.9 degrees Fahrenheit is not a raging fever because you “run low”. 
  • Your 24 hour long viral sinus infection will NOT respond to a Z-pak. There is no “nipping it in the bud”
  • I understand you don’t have time to be sick but sadly those are the breaks sometimes 
  • Your sore throats that tested negative for strep is not a rare negative-testing strain
  • I will recheck your blood pressure because 125/78 is “high for you” but I’m not treating a normal result
  • No you will not convince me that the flu shot gave you the flu
  • I’m sorry your pain pills were stolen,fell in the dogs water bowl, flew into the toilet, got thrown away by a family member but I can refill you early 
  • I understand that medicine XYZ made you nauseated but that’s not a true allergy
  • No I cannot agree that taking your blood pressure medicine when you “feel off” instead of every day
  • No I can’t in good conscience prescribe soma for your over-active bladder 

Please know dear patient that I will care for you as if you were a member of my own family but I can’t believe that I have the only all-zebra practice in the world. 

Author: Nurse Meesh

I am a disabled nurse practitioner, mom, wife and woman.

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